The Benefits of Drone Photos in Construction

The introduction of aerial imaging technology to the construction industry presents a number of new opportunities to contractors. From your own employees, to your subcontractors, to the site owner, there are many parties who can benefit from the knowledge that comes with aerial imagery.

Creating periodic records using date-stamped aerial photos over time shows how much the project has progressed. Additionally, by judging how much progress was made in specific stages of construction, you can identify which stages your crew is most efficient in and which stages require improvement to be completed in a more timely manner.

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October 2018

October 2018

February 2019

February 2019

Using aerial images to map out your job site can benefit more than just your own company. HD aerial photos can also assist you and your subcontractors with planning transportation routes and overall site layout, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and working in the most efficient manner possible.

Taken on DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Taken on DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Perhaps the most exciting benefit of drone imagery is the opportunity it presents for marketing. Drone photos and videos offer a unique and engaging perspective of your job site, crew, and city that you can’t achieve from the ground.

Garner Construction offers drone services to our clients in the greater Seattle and Portland area. We’re happy to work with you to create a package that suits your needs, or provide a la carte (one time) services.


January Photo Contest

During the month of January, we hosted a photo contest on our Facebook page for employees, clients and fans to compete in. We were overwhelmed by the volume of amazing photos we received - over 30 submissions!

The motivating prize was a bundle of coveted Garner gear (pictured below). You can also purchase any of this gear on our website here.


The winning photo was from a project for Exxel Pacific in Oak Harbor. The sunset photo looking out over the Puget Sound couldn’t be beat, and it garnered over 300 likes to win the contest. Congratulations to Brian Lay and Taylor Morris on your victory!


In Loving Memory of Donald Carlson

A note from Jackie Garner, Founder and Owner of Garner Construction:

“I met Don when he came to work for Garner Construction in 1995. Back then, Garner was just starting out and needed to gain a foot hold in the industry as a crane company that happened to be women-owned. To do that, we needed the best crane operator in Seattle. Then came Don Carlson, who proudly took a Tower Crane job with Garner.

He was everything I could have hoped for: talented beyond belief, protective, professional, wise, straightforward and, perhaps best of all, kind. Much of the foundation that Garner was built on was because of Don’s talents and help. For that I am eternally grateful. 

Don retired with Garner, after which he continued to wear his Garner-ware proudly and often gave us help with marketing. He was a good man — big hearted and tender while always a man’s man.

Although nothing can ease the pain and sorrow of his leaving, he did, in his wisdom, gift us his son Shawn who now carries his Dad’s legacy at Garner.

I love you, Don, forever and ever, and I promise to look after Shawn. I will see you again. You remain in my heart.”

Jackie Garner

And a note from Brita Nykreim, President of Garner Construction:

“Don was the first person to take me up into a tower crane, all the while telling wonderful stories of how amazing the craft is. He was sooo happy to share his knowledge and experiences with others. He made such a big impact on my life’s journey by such a simple act: Sharing knowledge. He is missed by many. 

Shawn and family, we will keep you in our hearts with prayers of peace, strength, light and love from above.”

Employee Spotlight: Jonah Tran

Jonah is a Garner employee that gets to do just about everything. Though his business card says “Field Services,” on any given day you could find him managing our warehouse, providing job sites with rigging, acting as fill-in rigger, installing crane cameras, or operating an elevator, among other things. Jonah has been with us for over three years and aspires to add Crane Operator to his list of skills. He enjoys that he gets a taste of everything in his position, and is able to learn from top operators and riggers at Garner Construction. Jonah has three German Shepherds, two daughters, and another on the way. Congrats Jonah, and thank you for sharing!