King 5: How They Put Christmas Lights on Seattle Cranes

King 5 came out to interview Garner Construction WBE with one question in mind: How do you put Christmas lights on a tower crane? Brita Nykreim and John Gift were featured in this interview at the Southport project for Exxel Pacific. Check it out!

King 5 Pride of PNW: Creating our Skyline

For native Seattleites and PNW-transplants alike, the beauty of the Seattle skyline is a source of pride. Here at Garner, we feel an even closer connection to the skyline because we have been lucky enough to help build it.

Many of our operators have been with us for 5, 10, even nearly 30 years (here’s looking at you, Jake Brookbank). In addition, most of our employees have been running crane for even longer than they have been with us, and have a wealth of experiences (and stories!) involving the creation of the Seattle skyline.

Over at King 5 News, their Pride of PNW segment sought to dive deeper into the history of the skyline, and the lives of those who have built it. King 5 reporter Jordan Steele asked to interview Garner Construction for a crane operator's perspective on the Seattle skyline, and we were pumped to get Jordan out on a job site. In this Pride of the Pacific Northwest feature, Garner operator Brian Lay gives his perspective on helping build the skyline we know and love.